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April 13, 2005 by WizardMark
Since childhood I always wanted to be a lawyer. I interest myself on current issues on my country and my peers and parents have always been supportive of me. They always encourage me to pursue my dreams and be a politician because, according to them, lawyers make a good politician.

As of lately I changed my mind. With all that's happening in our country, where people die everyday because of power- greedy people, I stand up and say POLITICS SUCK!

Right now I am a holder of a decent degree f...
April 13, 2005 by WizardMark
AL:Toronto Blue JaysCleveland IndiansNL:Cincinnatti RedsNew York Mets
April 4, 2005 by WizardMark
AL:EAST: Yankees-- everybody's saying this all of spring.WILD CARD: Red Sox-- just because they're the World Champs, I want to see a Yankee revenge!WEST:Angels-- very strong, lock up the West but look out for the M's too.CENTRAL:Twins-- close pick over the White SoxPossibles:Orioles-- go Sammy!Jays-- here seriously is a team that can ruin Boston's playoff run if they don't win the East. If the lineup remains intact for the whole season, they can salvage a wildcard berth.Sleeper:White Sox-- t...
March 24, 2005 by WizardMark
The MLB Season is fast-approaching. Majority of the teams from both the AL and NL have had a fruitful offseason. Most of them did a really good job in filling in holes in the line up and in upgrading their respective bullpens. Last year, after all that's been said and done, the Gold relocated to Boston...and the "curse" is officially over (at last!). Yankee lovers, like me, shouldn't be grateful since it happened at our expense but there were certainly good things behind the Sox victory. One big...
November 15, 2004 by WizardMark
i know, I know. It's an exaggeration. But when will the Bulls finally win? Im a big fan of Chicago eversince the dynasty days, I don't know but I can't love to hate the Bulls even if they are the losers nowadays. I'm not even from Illinois, for God's sake! But I do love the Bulls. I believe in the system and I love the players, especially Kirk Hinrich. He's the best PG in the future maybe, but it can't be until he carries this team to his shoulder. I wonder where the problem is. Is it with the m...
October 22, 2004 by WizardMark
I'm a Bulls fan eversince the greatest name in the world of Basketball was publicised. I always support the Chicago Bulls and watch every game. Eventhough the dynasty dismantled after a decade of success, I keep on supporting the team. This year they got several good names out of the draft, and the aquisition of Nocioni was really huge!

But this year I don't think my team won't be that successful. Surely they will improve but i will take a few more years before they can be one of the Eastern ...
October 22, 2004 by WizardMark
After humiliating the best in the Al, the Red Sox look to complete an improbable quest this time looking to do the same against NL's and Major League's best team in the regular season. Both teams are coming off separate exciting series as the Sox rallied from an 0-3 hole to end the Yankee dynasty in the AL with a Game & drubbing of the most hated rival. While the Cards defended Busch Stadium by winning the last two games of the NLCS at home.

The adrenaline is still up for both teams--enough r...
October 20, 2004 by WizardMark
Forgive me for talking too soon. When the Yankees raced to a seemingly comfortable 3-0 lead, I thought this one's over. The Sox just aren't what people expect them to be at the start of this Championship Series. At least they are due for a fall after sweeping Anaheim in the Division Series. But as the Yankees jumped off to a very strong start, the Red Sox nation was alarmed-- and what fire alarm they have there in Boston, it awakened a sleeping giant and the series is now down to one last game. ...
October 14, 2004 by WizardMark
Single to shallow left field!
Double off the wall!
It's a stand up triple!
See yah!

These are the usual words you'll hear from the commentators in the early innings when you watch the Yankees play in the past regular season. After acquiring Sheff and A-Rod in the off season, everybody thought these would be the best Yankee team that was ever formed. But wait... the Evil Empire has its own loopholes-- starting pitching.

After watching the past versions of Bronx Bombers which relied on th...
October 13, 2004 by WizardMark
Yes you're right, I'm a materialistic punk. I do admit it-- before but definitely not today!

Wanna know why?

Coming from a prestigious university, perhaps the most prestigious one (by the way, I hail from outside the US), we were always told not to accept jobs that would pay us low. We always believe that we are the "in-demand thing" in the world of business. Reason why my classmates and I are very proud of ourselves and our school. I made a promise not to take a low-income job.
October 12, 2004 by WizardMark
The atmosphere suddenly changed. People everywhere talk about it. It doesn't get any better that this!

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's not even Superman!

The storied rivalry is here!

It's the ALCS!

The debate goes on-- Yanks or Bosox?

It's for everyone to judge.

Will it be the much-awaited destiny for the hard-hitting Red Sox of Boston or will the "Curse of the Bambino" haunt them (again!)?

The Sox showed the world how determined they are...